We love bulk foods. Especially cashews, dried mangos and freshly ground peanut butter. Oh and those chocolate-covered almonds. So good.

If you don’t share this love of bulk, then before we go any farther there’s an important definition we need to make sure you’re familiar with:

Tare (noun):  a deduction from the gross weight of a substance and its container made in allowance for the weight of the container; also:  the weight of the container.

In other words, tare weight is the weight of the just the chocolate-covered almonds. Knowing the tare weight of a container ensures that you only pay for the weight of the goods, not the glass jar that you put them in. Got it?

Now back to the bulk foods section. We’ve made it a goal of ours to never use the new containers and bags available at the store. It’s one small way we feel we can lessen our impact. After one especially successful trip to the store in which we managed to use all our own containers, we turned to one another, raised our hands to high five and exclaimed in unison, “Taring it up!” A motto was born.

Tare it Up started in the bulk food section of our local grocery store, but we’ve realized it’s bigger than that. Tare it Up means walking or biking rather than driving. It means fixing things rather than buying new ones. It means consuming experiences rather than things. Tare it Up is our rallying cry for living a low-impact life in a modern world.

Our goal for this blog is to share our experiences, both the successes and the struggles, with Tare it Up. We won’t get bogged down in why we need to do these things, and instead share how we can do them as individuals, as a community and as a world.

Meet Kelsey! Who’s smile is as big as a cucumber from her garden
Meet Joe, who climbs to the top of a route to eat arugula in a bag with bread and cheese

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